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Winter Crops: What to Plant During the Colder Seasons

Planning Your Backyard Garden Now

backyard winter garden crops

While a lot of experts say that January and February here in the pacific northwest don’t necessarily make for the best planting months, if you remove that “t” and swap it out for an “n” instead, then you have a better idea of how to spend the winter when it comes to the backyard garden. Planning is the best course of action — especially when it’s too cold outside and in the ground to even get your fingers into the dirt.

So what should you be planning for, and what should already be in the ground? Seems like all the root vegetables make for great winter crops. That includes carrots, beets, broccoli, kale, garlic, onions, etc. And beyond that, a wide variety of leafy salad greens are solid bets for successful winter crops. In fact, if you planted seeds in the summer thinking you might end up with salad greens for your summer barbecues, only to discover the opposite was closer to the truth, you likely forgot you’d even planted greens in the first place. Continue reading