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Wind Energy Production in the United States

How Oregon Plays a Part in Wind Turbine Development

wind turbine farm

2011 was characterized by growth in investment and development of renewable energy in the United States. Contrary to this notion, the financial support for wind power generation as an integral component of this industry has seen some decline (quoted in some sources as being as much as a 38% decline, leaving only $9.7 billion in development for wind energy). Moreover, start-up investments have declined by 71%.

Among the reasons behind such a negative trend, research indicates the break- through of some Chinese companies, which collectively rocked the list of top 10 wind turbine producers with no less than four companies (while in contrast, five years ago there were no Chinese companies on the list). Being the second largest player in wind energy sector, the USA possesses 20.3% of the global market in this sector, currently lagging behind China by 2.3%. Continue reading