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What’s So Great About Safflower Oil?

The Health Benefits of Cooking With Safflower Oil
Safflower OilAlthough there are technically two different varieties of safflower from which safflower oil is produced, when it comes to cooking in the kitchen, one is more popular than the other. High in monounsaturated fatty acid, or oleic acid, safflower oil (we’ll call it “version 1”), is even lower in saturates than olive oil. Equally favorable as other vegetable oils for cooking purposes, safflower oil counts among its benefits a very high smoke point and low saturated fat.

Smoke point? Don’t worry. We can explain that too. The term smoke point, when speaking about cooking oil, tends to refer to the temperature where cooking fat or oil breaks down into two parts, glycerol and free fatty acids, which produce smoke. According to Wikipedia, “the smoke point also marks the beginning of both flavor and nutritional degradation.” So logically, cooking oils that possess a high smoke point tend to be more healthy for eaters, because more of the nutrients are preserved as temperatures rise. Other oils with lower smoke points break down faster and lose nutritional value quicker. Continue reading