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INFOGRAPHIC: Composting 101

What You Can Compost, and What You Can’t Compost

These days, and especially in Portland, it seems we’re all (slowly but surely) getting around to composting more. In some cities, small under-the-sink bins have been given out by local authorities, specifically designed for composting. And in other cities, the green trash bins typically reserved for yard waste and leaves have been cleared for food and compost too. Now, home and apartment dwellers are asked to spend a bit of extra time, weeding through the garbage they create, and making sure the right things end up in the right places.

Recycling like glass, paper, tin cans and plastic goes in the recycling bin. Food scraps, compostable take-out containers and the like all goes in the composting bin. Everything else goes in the trash can. Are you following this type of scheme yet in your city? If so, let us know how it’s working out for you, and what you think would make a great improvement if the system isn’t quite working. Check out this infographic we found, which breaks down what can go in the compost pile, and what should be left out. Continue reading