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Snow Removal: Learn About Proper Snow Removal and Snow Blower Maintenance

Risks of Improper Snow Removal

Tips for Proper Snow Removal

Winter is coming, and with it a driveway covered in snow. When you need to get out and get to work you may not be thinking about the best ways to clear your driveway, but if you don’t do a little planning you could end up with larger issues than snow on the driveway. As you prepare for colder weather, make sure you understand the risks of improper snow removal.

Safety Tips for Snow Removal

Shoveling snow, especially when done incorrectly, can cause back pain. And if you’re older, the exertion of shoveling heavy wet snow may not be good for your health. Purchasing a snow blower may help ensure safer snow removal, but if you do use a shovel to remove ice or snow on walkways and porches, be sure to lift with your knees rather than your back and take frequent rests. You should also drink plenty of water afterwards as your body needs to rehydrate after that level of exertion. Continue reading