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Another Look at Deep Roots Farm

Do Small Restaurants Really Make an Impact? Starters at Deep Roots Farm
It’s easy to think about farms, and concepts like “sustainable agriculture” as being entities or issues that are just a bit too large in scale to fully digest in your brain. But the truth is — they’re not. In the case of Deep Roots Farm and Laughing Planet Cafe in Albany and Portland (as well as Corvallis and Eugene) respectively, the partnership is not of a grand scale, but the positive impact is felt in a deep and meaningful way, on both sides of the fence.

What does this mean? Well, for Deep Roots Farm, this means direct to customer and direct to market relationships are viable. With a few restaurants to serve produce to, as well as a few trips weekly to any of three area farmers markets, and Deep Roots Farm is able to run a successful operation. And for Laughing Planet, a few partners in supply like Deep Roots, and their commitment to sustainable practices, and sourcing produce locally for the good of all, grows from a theoretical “good idea” to an actual practice. Continue reading

Sustainable Agriculture at the Largest Corporate Levels?

Monsanto Releases 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Monsanto Company Logo

From a press release issued this morning over the PR Newswire from St. Louis, the Monsanto Company has released its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility Report) for the calendar year ending December 2011. According to the Bee, “The report details the company’s progress and challenges as it supports the needs of smallholder and large-scale farmers throughout the world as they work to produce more and conserve more from each acre of farmland, and work to improve the lives of people they serve.”

Monsanto Company’s executive vice president of sustainability and corporate affairs, Jerry Steiner, explained: “This report is an opportunity for us to continue a dialogue with our stakeholders and transparently discuss how we are working year-over-year to improve as a company and better achieve our vision.”

And that vision? Monsanto claims they are focused on sustainability. Continue reading

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Grants and Education to Advance Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture
soil food web: sustainable agriculture
Combing the Internet to discover the innovative resources and partners joining in the mission to create a more sustainable form of agriculture seems to yield fairly interesting, promising results quite fast. Another great site we’ve stumbled upon is the SARE site, which stands for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.

Right smack in the middle of the site’s home page, readers are introduced to the following paragraph’s worth of information: “Every day, farmers and ranchers around the world develop new, innovative strategies to produce and distribute food, fuel and fiber sustainably. While these strategies vary greatly they all embrace three broad goals, or what SARE calls the 3 Pillars of Sustainability:

• Profit over the long term
• Stewardship of our nation’s land, air and water
• Quality of life for farmers, ranchers and their communities”

Continue reading

New Article on Sustainable Agriculture From CSM

How thoughtful farming could curb climate change, feed the world
From The Christian Science Monitor, written by Nora Doyle-Burr, March 28, 2012.

sustainable agriculture and global warming

We’re no scientists, let that be said. Whether you debate the reality of global warming, or buy into it completely, it has to make you wonder. With the global population on the rise year after year, there’s another factor to consider when it comes to the overall health of the planet. But let’s not play out the doomsday scenario. Instead, we can all stay educated and informed when it comes to the effects of global warming and a rising population on the state of agriculture. And from that position of being informed, we’ll all be able to weigh in on what the best reaction and remedies might be.

In the way of education, the CSM put out a new article yesterday, with a link to a recent study on the ties between global warming, a rising population, and agriculture. “Agriculture is both part of the problem and part of the solution to climate change,” were the words of Sir John Beddington, who is the chair of the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change. The BBC notes that “farming produces approximately one-third of the world’s emissions. These emission contributions stem from fossil fuel combustion and the clearing of otherwise forested areas.” So we have to eat, but agriculture practices contribute to the problems that face the planet. What do we do? Continue reading

Food Alliance Certification: Mid-Atlantic U.S. Video

Video on Food Alliance Certification

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) is now representing Food Alliance Certification in the mid-Atlantic United States. Video features: Brian Snyder, PASA; Joan & Drew Norman, One Straw Farm; Ben & Dave Wenk, Three Springs Fruit Farm.