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Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Grants and Education to Advance Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture
soil food web: sustainable agriculture
Combing the Internet to discover the innovative resources and partners joining in the mission to create a more sustainable form of agriculture seems to yield fairly interesting, promising results quite fast. Another great site we’ve stumbled upon is the SARE site, which stands for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.

Right smack in the middle of the site’s home page, readers are introduced to the following paragraph’s worth of information: “Every day, farmers and ranchers around the world develop new, innovative strategies to produce and distribute food, fuel and fiber sustainably. While these strategies vary greatly they all embrace three broad goals, or what SARE calls the 3 Pillars of Sustainability:

• Profit over the long term
• Stewardship of our nation’s land, air and water
• Quality of life for farmers, ranchers and their communities”

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