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Sustainable Initiatives in Regional Areas

Focus on Orlando, Florida: Sustainable Efforts in the City
sustainability initiatives in orlando, florida

On the blog, although we are based in Portland and working hard to follow local issues here, we’d also like to spend some time assessing the efforts of other regions and cities around the country, when it comes to sustainability initiatives, and what other communities around the nation are doing to implement environmental programs and more. Today, we take a peek at what the city of Orlando, Florida is doing to be more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.

The real estate woes that were closely tied to the financial crisis beginning in 2008 (and still affecting people and institutions today) dramatically impacted this city (as it did elsewhere), and Orlando foreclosure lawyers certainly found there was plenty of business to be done in the city, to get homeowners back on track, and the local economy flourishing. So did the city take the opportunity to direct funds towards sustainable initiatives or the reduction of their total carbon footprint? Continue reading