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All About Stiebrs Farms

stiebrs farms eggs

The story of Stiebrs Farms is the story of the American Dream. It all started way back in the summer of 1949, when young Jan and Zelma Stiebrs and their two small children packed up everything they could take with them, left their home in Latvia and moved across the ocean to Washington’s Tumwater Valley.

They made ends meet by taking jobs working the fields, picking strawberries and beans during harvest time. But they had bigger things in mind for their family. A few years after they first set foot on American soil, Jan and Zelma started their own business, selling farm-fresh eggs laid by their 100 hens, one doorbell at a time.

Young Jon Stiebrs went on many of those early sales calls with his father. He learned the egg business from the ground up. And as he grew, so did Steibrs Farms. Soon, the family were able to support themselves with the profits generated by their eggs.

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