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What is a Commissary Kitchen?

commissary kitchen

You have it all planned out: you’re going to start the most delicious food cart in the city. You know the competition is stiff, but wait ’til they get a load of your top-secret, mind-blowing, taste bud-seducing gustatory magnum opus… that’s what we’ll call it. Or, for the sake of brevity, “your food.”

You launch your food cart, and guess what. Your taste sensations start selling like Pogs in the ’90s, only faster. You’re the toast of the town, and after performing several toasts, locals often stop by for a late-night snack, before calling a cab home.

Word spreads about your culinary masterworks, and people start coming from miles around to sample them. But, they can’t make it to your food cart too often; it’s too far away from their homes. So, you open a few more food carts around the city. But, here’s where it gets tricky.

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