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What Does “Organic” Really Mean:

Organic Agriculture and Production
USDA Organic Produce
The definition of organic, these days, especially as it pertains to agriculture, is murky at best. Marketing dictates that whatever the latest trends, and whatever is selling the best or the fastest means — a term is gonna’ get coined, stickers and ads are gonna’ get made, and products are gonna’ get labeled. But as consumers, what are we supposed to pay attention to? What does organic mean, and who is actually making the rules?

The term “Organic” refers to the the means by which agricultural products are farmed, processed and so on. This starts with the way the items are produced, and goes to how they are processed and then distributed. At the end of the chain, regarding sales of products, consumers should be able to rest assured that when a product says “organic” it actually means something. And the integrity of the organic stamp begins on the farm or the ranch. Continue reading