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Oregon Comes in Second in Green Leadership

Oregon Shows Competitive Edge in Green Energy Industry

Oregon Clean Energy Leadership

Oregon's Clean Energy Leadership

According to a recent report by clean technology research firm Clean Edge, Oregon ranks second in clean energy leadership — trailing only behind California. Factors that went into the rankings included the availability of clean, cheap electricity, transportation, financial capital, a skilled workforce and favorable public policies and incentives.

With incredibly cheap energy, an expert high-tech manufacturing workforce, state and local government commitments to clean energy development and a forward-thinking, sustainability minded culture, perhaps Oregon’s position on the list comes as no surprise. Continue reading

Oregon’s Best Green Companies

Green Businesses in Oregon

Green Businesses in Oregon

Looking for a new job? Care about sustainable practices? Well Oregon Business’s “100 Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon” rankings may prove decisive in your search. Using surveys that prompted employees and employer-representatives to answer a series of questions about satisfaction with their employers’ sustainable business practices, Oregon Business created a poll by which to rank Oregon’s businesses.

The results aren’t exactly surprising. Industries like “Architecture, Engineering and Design” (11%) and “Environmental Research and Advocacy” (10%) were among the best represented on the list. Construction fell just short at 9% of the total 100 businesses that made the final cut. Private companies accounted for 57% of the businesses listed, while non-profits came in second at 34%.

In the top 10? Hotel chain Kimpton, SERA Architects and local grocery staple New Seasons all ranked up there. For the full list, consult the original article here: 100 Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon.

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