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Nicky USA, Portland, OR

Another Valuable Partner in Sustainable Cuisine

Nicky Farms, Portland, OR

At Laughing Planet Cafe, we choose to work with a wide variety of local, sustainable, and highly conscientious partners when it comes to our suppliers and food vendors. Nicky Farms is yet one more shining example of how to run a smart business, without sacrificing the environment in the process. Today, we shine a little spotlight on them, to let our customers know more about our partners.

According to their website mission statement, “Nicky Farms is focused on bringing chefs and epicureans authentically American meats like rabbit, quail, fallow venison, Northwest elk, water buffalo, emu and bison. From a group of family-owned, sustainable farms and ranches across the Northwest come the finest offering of natural game birds and animals produced anywhere.” And how. Continue reading