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Profile on Mustard Seed Farm From Portland

Where Does All That Amazing New Kale Come From?

lacinato kale

With the recent addition of a beautiful kale salad to the menu at Laughing Planet, we thought our fans and customers might be wondering exactly where we are currently sourcing the goods from. With every bit of the Highway to Kale salad coming from local purveyors, the kale we’re currently using finds its roots at home in the Mustard Seed Farm, not too far away in St. Paul, Oregon.

So who exactly is behind the growing of this amazing kale? David and Nancy Brown, that’s who. And they’ve been doing their cultivation in St. Paul (Newberg) for decades, all the way back to 1965, in fact. With organic certification coming as early in the process as 1991, the Brown’s farm has more than eighty total acres falling under organic certification. Not bad for a family farm operation here in Oregon. Continue reading