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Sustainable Agriculture at the Largest Corporate Levels?

Monsanto Releases 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Monsanto Company Logo

From a press release issued this morning over the PR Newswire from St. Louis, the Monsanto Company has released its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility Report) for the calendar year ending December 2011. According to the Bee, “The report details the company’s progress and challenges as it supports the needs of smallholder and large-scale farmers throughout the world as they work to produce more and conserve more from each acre of farmland, and work to improve the lives of people they serve.”

Monsanto Company’s executive vice president of sustainability and corporate affairs, Jerry Steiner, explained: “This report is an opportunity for us to continue a dialogue with our stakeholders and transparently discuss how we are working year-over-year to improve as a company and better achieve our vision.”

And that vision? Monsanto claims they are focused on sustainability. Continue reading