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Profile on Migration Brewing

migration brewing portland or laughing planet

If you’re a beer lover, the Pacific Northwest is basically paradise. Portland is referred to as the “Microbrew Capital of the World,” and there are plenty of small-batch breweries outside Portland, as well. Of course, our neighbors to the north are no slouches in the suds department, either; the state of Washington is home to more than 130 craft brewers.

Here in the upper-left, you can get great beer just about anywhere, but there are a few brewers that are simply a cut above the rest; the brewers’ brewers. The cream of the crop. The upper echelon.

We’d like to take a minute to draw attention to one of our personal favorites: Migration Brewing. Judging from last year’s Drink Portland Best Local Brewery results, we’re not the only ones in love with this scrappy independent brewery. Still, we’re pretty sure some of you have yet to sample their wares, and we’re absolutely certain that you should. Unless you’re a teetotaler, in which case, you should still try Migration’s food.

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