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Why You Should Recycle Your Gadgets

Technology Is Moving Fast, and Obsolete Gadgets Multiply Rapidly

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The high-tech arms race has been going for some time now. You know the story: you buy a brand spanking new computer or mobile device, and it begins to seem antiquated, nearly as soon as you get it home. Most of us stick it out and try to get the most out of our devices for as long as possible, but as time passes, those shiny new gadgets get more and more enticing. Eventually, we surrender and cough up the cash for the hot new thing. How often?

Well, Moore’s Law is the observation that computing power tends to double approximately every two years, and as it happens, most of us replace our mobile devices just about on schedule with Moore’s Law. Many of us replace our laptops, desktops, and portable music players every two to three years. So, what happens to all of yesterday’s hot new tech things? Continue reading