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The Locavore Movement: Why Buy Local?

Laughing Planet and Sourcing Ingredients Locally

Here in Portland, given the wealth of pasture land surrounding us, it’s not that difficult for restaurants and eaters alike to source the vast majority of their food locally. And there’s an entire trend in the food world, regarding locavorism, or sourcing your food and ingredients 100% locally, rather than having frozen food and produce packed and shipped from halfway around the world, just so you can have citrus in winter when you live north of the equator.

Sure, it’s not possible for everyone to do just that. Extreme weather in some areas, such as the drouts that plagued states like Texas this year, can un-do most of the good ideas that eaters may have when it comes to finding food from nearby sources. After all, no water means paltry crops, and no local crops means you’re headed to the store to find something that was most likely grown far away and shipped to your local market. With the pace of the world set at maximum overdrive these days, and the business of doing business run on almost exclusively global terms, what do you think about efforts to eat locally?

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What Is the Locavore Movement?

New-ish Movements in Sustainable Eating

Locavore MovementIt seems there’s a revolution in eating, being healthy, or dieting — just about every single day. We’re a lucky bunch in the U.S., with so much time to think about, analyze, and then change the way we put things in our mouths. Some of these movements stick around, others disappear after a while, and a few make so much sense that we just weave them into the ordinary fabric of the rest of our lives. So what about this Locavore Movement we’ve been hearing so much about in the last several years?

Defined in brief, a Locavore is someone who prefers to put effort towards eating food that has been produced locally, rather than food that has been grown elsewhere, typically far away, and then shipped or moved any amount of distance before it arrives at the market place. Tied up tightly with things like the resurgence in farmers markets, seasonal dieting, and sustainable agriculture, the Locavore movement has found some very logical, comfortable partners and has fast been attracting loyal followers too. Continue reading