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Is There Really Such a Thing as a Compost Entrepreneur?

Connecting Sustainable Agriculture to Efficiency: Compost Cab

Jeremy Brosowsky, founder of Compost Cab

In a recent article over at the San Jose Mercury, readers will find inspiring coverage of a small-business owner and sustainability pioneer named Jeremy Brosowsky. At 39, Brosowsky has a few traits that may have positioned him very well for his current success: serial entrepreneur, Ivy League graduate, former high-end financial services firm employee. So what is this guy doing in the world of sustainable agriculture?

According to the article, the turning point looked a little bit like this: Brosowsky thought to himself one day, “what Washington needed most wasn’t another urban farm. It was compost – rich, organic matter to enrich city soils – for the city farms already out there.” Others were already “building it,” and behind them, still more converts were “showing up.” The problem was a lack of tools and materials. Continue reading