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Energy Conservation Ideas for the Home

More Thoughts on Preparing for Winter: The Windows

eco friendly window treatments and shadesWe’ve been beating this drum for a week or so now, urging homeowners to get a bit more involved this year with winterizing their homes. It makes sense for the environment and it makes sense for the bottom line with your monthly energy bills, so either way you find motivation, prepping your home is a good thing.

Today we look at windows specifically, and what kinds of tips and tricks are out there for preparing the home for the cold and rainy season, when it comes to energy savings. Some statistics note that as much as 25% of your home heating and energy bills end up paying for whatever your windows do, or more precisely, what they don’t do. That means, poorly sealed or old single pane windows let heat out of the house, don’t prevent cold air from coming into the house, and so ultimately require more energy to be used to maintain comfortable temperatures during the winter. Here’s a few tricks you can try to change that around. Continue reading