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Growing Gardens in Portland, OR

Planting Seeds for Good Food, Healthy People
Growing Gardens, Portland Community Based Non Profit
With the onset of the holiday season here in Portland, Laughing Planet Cafe has once again partnered up with an amazing organization, for the purposes of helping to make Willamette Week’s Give Guide endeavor as successful as possible.

This year, we are partnering with Portland’s own Growing Gardens, an organization that “digs at the root of hunger in Portland, Oregon by building organic Home Gardens in urban backyards and schools. Our Youth Grow school garden clubs create future veggie eaters and cultivators. Our Learn & Grow classes cover cooking, preserving & more.” Continue reading

Growing Gardens in Portland, OR

Growing Gardens: Building Organic Home Gardens in PDX

Growing Gardens, Portland, ORGROWINGGARDENS is another one of those Portland-based organizations that is working hard to make real, meaningful change in Oregon. How do they do it? Through organic gardening, no less, and moreover, through education and real community involvement. Here’s more on Growing Gardens.

Operating in Portland’s urban backyards and schools, Growing Gardens uses both education and healthy eating to cultivate a love of the planet and a sense of stewardship in youth — and quite possibly making future veggie eaters, as well. With more education for youth through their programs like Learn & Grow classes, they teach youth to cook, preserve and do even more with the food that they grow. Pretty awesome. Continue reading