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The Living Building Challenge

Out of the Way, LEEDS—There’s a New (Green Building) Sheriff in Town

LEEDS was only the beginning. Now, the gauntlet has truly been thrown down. The International Living Building Institute has issued a challenge:

to all design professionals, contractors and building owners to create the foundation for a sustainable future in the fabric of our communities.

to politicians and government officials to remove barriers to systemic change, and to realign incentives and market signals that truly protect the health, safety and welfare of people and all beings.

to all of humanity to reconcile the built environment with the natural environment, into a civilization that creates greater biodiversity, resilience and opportunities for life with each adaptation and development.”

Living Building Challenge Certified: Omega Center for Sustainable Living

Living Building Challenge Certified: Omega Center for Sustainable Living

The Living Building Challenge is currently the most stringent and advanced measure of sustainability, providing a comprehensive set of green practices for building designers, developers and owners.

From avoiding ecologically harmful materials to demonstrating a full year of net-zero energy use, the Living Building Challenge is a tough but inspiring call to action. “A tall order to be sure,” states the organization, but one that has already been met by several projects—and continues to be pursued by many more. Continue reading

Are Green Buildings Good for Health and Productivity?

Article Points to Non-Environmental Benefits of Green Buildings

Green Buildings May Increase Worker Productivity and Health

Green Buildings May Increase Worker Productivity and Health

The first and foremost aim of green building standards is to reduce environmental impact, but recent reporting indicates that green buildings may also help increase productivity and promote better health. The article credits increased natural ventilation and daylight exposure modifications with driving worker output and improving employees’ overall well-being.

Studies suggest that green building and retrofitting can significantly contribute to reductions in sick leave, headaches, fatigue and can even boost typing speed and accuracy. However, results have varied and are not yet conclusive.

It will doubtless take years to definitively prove a correlation between green building standards like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) and worker productivity. One thing is certain, however: meeting green standards substantially increases real estate value and demand for sustainable buildings is showing no signs of slowing its rapid growth. Read the full article here.

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