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4 Easy Ways to Conserve Energy at Home

1. Use More Conservative Appliance Settings

Use Efficient Appliance Settings

Use Efficient Appliance Settings

Often overlooked, simply using your existing appliances more efficiently can drastically reduce energy consumption in the home. For example, you may want to make sure your refrigerator and freezer aren’t set any higher than 37 degrees and 3 degrees, respectively. That may mean putting a thermometer in each to ensure that they’re calibrated correctly as well as examining the door gaskets to verify that they’re clean and seal tightly when closed.

Turning down the temperature on water heaters can also save significant amounts of energy and reduce carbon emissions by 600 pounds every year per 10 degree reduction. You may not even like how scalding hot your showers and faucets get–so why waste the money and electricity or fuel making them that way?

The same applies to space heating; just use your thermostat to schedule less heating during the night when you’re wrapped up in bed and return to regular levels during the day when you’re around and active. Read on to discover 3 more simple ways to conserve energy in the home. Continue reading