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How Will You Vote for Labeling GMOs in Oregon?

Understanding the Issue When It Comes to GMO Labeling

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As of late, GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, have been a hot-button issue. The states of Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine have all passed initiatives requiring foods that contain GMOs to be labeled as such, but big biotech and its lobbyists are making every effort to undermine these initiatives. California and Washington’s GMO labeling initiatives were narrowly defeated, due in no small part to the biotech industry’s deep pockets.

Now, a ballot initiative in our home state of Oregon has gathered the signatures necessary to qualify for a statewide vote. If passed, it would require all food that is entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering to be labeled. Continue reading

All About Labeling GMOs in Oregon

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Unless you live a very secluded life, you’ve undoubtedly caught wind of the controversy surrounding the labeling of GMOs. Let’s delve deeper into this contentious issue, and find out why proponents are so adamant that labeling GMOs is the right thing to do.

In order to understand why so many are up in arms about labeling them, it’s important to understand what GMOs are, exactly. GMO stands for “genetically modified organism.” The term refers to food with genes that have been tampered with in a laboratory.

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