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National Garlic Day: April 19

National Garlic Day Celebrates the Stinking Rose We Love So Much

bulb of garlicIt’s tough to think about life without garlic, especially if you’re an avid cook, or just a plain old fashioned fan of eating. Are we wrong on this? If you’re of some cultural persuasions, then you might even be inclined to throw a few bulbs in the oven from time to time, cover it in a bit of butter or salt, roast it to a golden yellow, and eat it whole, or spread over a bit of toasted baguette like it’s a savory, special jam. Garlic, beloved for both its heartiness in the ground as well as its ability to flavor just about any dish from just about any cultural cuisine, has so much to offer beyond mere flavor, including a ton of health benefits.

The garlic bulb is a considered to be a native plant of central Asia whose history has been noted by some to be as long as six thousand years. Gracing the kitchens, cooking, and dishes of disparate cultures from the Mediterranean to Africa, all over Europe and especially Asia, garlic is a staple that has more than proven its dietary worth. Continue reading