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Food Alliance Certification: Mid-Atlantic U.S. Video

Video on Food Alliance Certification

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) is now representing Food Alliance Certification in the mid-Atlantic United States. Video features: Brian Snyder, PASA; Joan & Drew Norman, One Straw Farm; Ben & Dave Wenk, Three Springs Fruit Farm.

Laughing Planet Cafe and Smart Beans

PRESS RELEASE: Appearing here in its entirety, dated 6/10/2009.
Laughing Planet Café introduces New Smart Beans™

Smart Beans, Laughing Planet Cafe, ORAfter a grueling two-year process of testing and sampling, The Laughing Planet Café is pleased to announce the introduction of new “smart” pinto beans into its seven quick-service establishments in Oregon. These beans are grown in Washington using a “no-till” farming methods, and will replace beans grown conventionally and transported from the Midwest.

The process is a result of a collaboration between Laughing Planet Café and Truitt Brothers, a Salem, Oregon food processor and industry-leading Food Alliance-certified operation. Also playing crucial roles was our primary vendor, Food Services of America (FSA) and the Food Alliance, a Portland Oregon-based certifier of sustainable practices.

These beans represent a significant leap forward for beankind and a vast improvement over conventional products. In particular, the use of locally grown beans reduces the need to transport them great distances, thus reducing significantly their “footprint.” Even more importantly, the beans are grown using “no-till” methods that conserve soil and reduce the need for fossil fuel-powered interventions. Continue reading