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Buying Local Produce in Portland Oregon

Partnering With Deep Roots Farm Means Truly Local Produce

deep roots farm in albany, oregon

We work extra hard to ensure that we put our money where our mouths are, and we mean that quite literally. Sourcing local produce isn’t just about reducing carbon emissions from trucks that would otherwise have to bring in veggies from far away. Buying our produce from local farms is also about our commitment to bettering the city of Portland, and the surrounding communities that feed into the systems at work here.

The photo above features Kimberly from Deep Roots Farm, alongside her youngest daughter Arissa and the Laughing Planet Head Chef, Jon Grumbles. In some seriously sweltering heat a few weeks ago, we took a visit down to Albany, Oregon, to spend some time with one of our principal produce sources, and got to see first-hand where our tomatoes, kale and more actually come from. Continue reading