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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Livestock Farms Blunder

How Do You Miss Putting Entire Farms on the Map?

US EPA misses cattle farms

In a story by Tammy Webber from the Associated Press this week, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the United States) dropped the ball as they failed to pass adequate regulation against some livestock farms across the U.S. And why, you might ask? Simple. Because they didn’t know the farms were there in the first place, in order to regulate them.

So why is this such a big deal, anyway. So there are some farms that have gone undetected. Well — when you consider the fact that some of the livestock farms that the EPA failed to notice are large enough that the waste produced by the cattle there is equal to or greater than the waste we produce in a small American city — then you get the picture.

So how could the U.S. EPA not have noticed that these farms existed? Continue reading