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Draper Valley Farms Profile: Chicken Specialists

Draper Valley Farms Chicken Logo

Is it just me, or is there actually something to the theory that chicken which has been raised in a more humane, sustainable fashion, just plain tastes better. Is that true? Because in my mouth, it does, even if it’s just my brain tapping my morality or whatever, and turning that into flavor, which of course, is possible. Brains are strong muscles capable of strange things, as we can all concede. But the truth is, the chicken might just taste better in a kind of independent way.

These days, with all the hullabaloo about locally raised produce, antibiotic- and hormone-free poultry, and everything else, I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to more people taking a more time in the stores when they choose the meat, chicken and fish that they take home for dinner. We want to know where these products are coming from, what methods were taken in raising the animals, what additives were a part of their lives, and what shortcuts were taken in order to get the products to market.

Maybe shows like Portlandia have blow this out of proportion, portraying skits where people at restaurants take a slightly elevated level of concern and curiosity, and blow that up to ridiculousness where they expect to know the name and biography of the animal they’re about to eat. In the Pacific Northwest, though, we do have some amazing purveyors of meat and poultry, and one of the true standouts among them is Draper Valley Farms, currently in Mount Vernon, Washington, which has been going strong since 1935. Yesterday was National Poultry Day, so we’re going to take a look at this farm, and pass along some of the pertinent info on what they’re doing to produce better chicken. Continue reading

Laughing Planet Cafe and Draper Valley Farms Chicken

On A Little Trip to the Laughing Planet Kitchen Yesterday…

Laughing Planet Cafe and Draper Valley Farms Chicken

Serving up food for a small fleet of restaurants is no joke; it involves superhuman precision, the will and drive to do it right, and a serious commitment to one’s customers. If you’re a fan of Laughing Planet Cafe in and around Portland, then you already know just how good the food is: fast, healthy, sustainable, fresh, heavy on the veggie goodness, and top quality ingredients all the way around. But did you know they serve up exclusively Draper Valley Farms Chicken from Washington, one of the single most hard-working poultry farms in the nation? Continue reading