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Extreme Weather: Can We Cope?

Learning How to Deal With Climate Change extreme weather

Regardless of the cause, there is little doubt that the Earth’s climate is changing and weather is becoming more extreme. We have seen more frequent hurricanes, more violent tornadoes, deadlier wild fires, and colder winters. Many parts of the world are suffering from drought conditions while others are suffering frequent floods following torrential downpours. Mudslides and landslides continue to cause havoc in the poorest communities while seaside resorts are being battered by violent winter storms.

Over the past year we have seen power supplies cut off for millions of people, rail networks shut down, huge swathes of the land flooded for weeks at a time, and whole communities trapped by snow. Overall we are coping at the moment, but climate change experts have predicted that this is only the beginning and that these extreme weather patterns will continue to get worse. Are we prepared for what is to come? Continue reading