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Buying and Cooking With Food From Farm Shares (CSAs)

Buying Food From CSAs

Food from CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)

Food from CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)

Community Supported Agriculture (more commonly known as CSAs or farm shares) provides a direct connection between local farmers and consumers. Farms that participate in CSAs sell shares of the produce, meat and dairy that they produce. In exchange for purchasing a farm share, consumers receive regular deliveries of food straight from the farm.

Not only does this eliminate the middlemen and help support local farmers, it also provides fresh, sustainable food to consumers. By bypassing the global food distribution process, farm share participants benefit from getting food that hasn’t spent weeks in transit from farm to shelf. In practical terms, that means consumers have more flexibility in planning their meals because their food stays fresh longer.

Additionally, since food from CSAs travels a far shorter distance than that which arrives in supermarkets, less greenhouse gases are emitted and fewer fossil fuels are consumed in the transportation process.

But these are not the only benefits of purchasing from farm shares. Continue reading