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Environmental Impact of Development and Factory Farming

Progress, Development, and the Affect on the Environment
factory farming development and the environment

Part of what we encounter as civilization marches ever onward is the realization that the built environment doesn’t always “work” with the natural environment. Sometimes, this is a matter of real pollution that affects our water, soil, or air. Universities expand, business grow — prosperity is often the reward of hard work and the nurturing of a truly great idea, or a product that people really need to make their lives better or easier. But what about consideration of the environment, and how we impact the natural world around us?

Taking stock of how development and expansion impacts the environment should always be considered an essential component of growth, whether it’s growth of a corporate campus, or the growth of a successful ranching enterprise. Regardless of the type of development, there will be some type of undue influence on the environment and natural surroundings — trees, habitat, possibly wildlife, waterways, etc. — and all of it will need to be considered (for more information on conducting tree or environmental surveys before you begin development, click here). And today, we look at one type of modern development and its effects on the environment: factory farming. Continue reading