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Bicycling Vs. Driving: A Resource Guide in Brief

Just How Much Better Is Bicycling?

Bike to Work You’d be downright silly if you said that driving your car was better than riding your bicycle when it comes to almost anything besides (possibly, not always) getting somewhere faster. When it comes to your health, the environment, your wallet, and other things too, biking is better. So why don’t we do it more than we drive?

Part of the problem lies in the way we’ve set up our cities, which are infinitely more car-friendly than bike friendly, especially when we’re talking about a city that’s expansive in the way that, say, Los Angeles is expansive. And maybe another part of the problem is that many of our cities are not particularly bike-friendly, because while we know that bikes don’t need a ton of additional consideration on the roads, they do need some, as anyone who has ever been hit by a car will attest to. Special bike lanes or streets most likely go a long way to preventing a ton of accidents, and Portland does a great job of supplying those features to the landscape.

But what about plain old education? Maybe if we all came to terms a bit more specifically with just how much better biking is for everything and everyone, we’d all support the act more too. Check out these ideas about comparing biking to driving. Continue reading