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What Are Good and Bad Fats?

Choosing Healthy Dietary Fats

Choosing Healthy Dietary Fats

Under All That Fur, He's Actually Quite Fit: Choosing Healthy Dietary Fats Helps

Fat = bad. That’s the common wisdom in our obesity-stricken times. So how do those Inuits stay so fit even while they eat whale blubber all day? The real issue may not be how much fat you consume; instead, it may be how much of what kind of fat you consume.

More often than not, all types of fat are conflated into a monolithic evil that plagues our diets, our waistlines, and our society.

While the over-consumption of certain types of fat poses a serious threat to our public health, the reality is that fat is also an essential part of the human diet. The body needs fat to produce energy, absorb vitamins, and manufacture new cells; without it, the body can’t function properly. Continue reading