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Best Seasonal Winter Vegetables

seasonal winter vegetables in the northwest

There are plenty of benefits to eating veggies that are in season. First, when they’re in season, vegetables are typically much less expensive. That’s because out-of-season veggies often have to be shipped long distances before they make it to grocery store shelves. Transporting tons of produce across the world isn’t cheap, nor is it sustainable. Plus, out-of-season vegetables are more scarce, and the law of supply and demand applies to them, just as it would any commodity.

In-season veggies are also fresher than out-of-season ones, more nutritious, and often much more flavorful. Plus, only eating what’s in season ensures that you get a wide variety of produce throughout the year.

While you might not think of the winter as “harvest time,” here in the Pacific Northwest, there are plenty of delicious veggies that you can grow in your backyard garden, even when it’s cold outside. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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