U.N. Launches Sustainable Development Network

Network Is Set to Help Find Solutions to Global Problems

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Today it was announced by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that a new network of independent research centers, technical institutions, and universities would be launched. The reach of the new network is global, and the goal is significant. To help the public to discover new solutions for the problems that demand the greatest attention in modern times. These include problems with the economy, with society, and of course, with the environment.

The new network has been dubbed the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, or SDSN, and it is set to work with members of the business community, civil society, other UN agencies, as well as international organizations. This sprawling “partnership,” with any luck, will be able to uncover new roads towards sustainable development.

More Information on the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network

The new SDSN will be directed by Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, who is currently the director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and Special Advisor to Secretary-General Ban.

“The post-2015 objectives will help the world to focus on the vital challenges of sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network will be an innovative way to draw upon worldwide expertise in the campuses, universities, scientific research centres and business technology divisions around the world,” Mr. Ban was reported to have said.

Those with a watchful eye can expect the SDSN to operate under a global, independent, and inclusive process, with the twin goals of both supporting as well as scaling up work towards solutions that are already underway at the local, national, and global levels.

Read the full story now, at the UN News Centre.

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