Recology Portland

Innovative Resource Recovery and Recycling: Recology Portland
Recology Portland
If you’ve been listening to the news lately, especially on the radio, then maybe you’ve heard about a company called Recology Portland. They’ve been creating a sizeable stink, pun intended, regarding the building of a new food scrap transfer site. But behind whatever voting controversy is going on, there’s a company whose mission is to assist businesses in recovering and reducing waste, including recycling. “Recology specializes in helping our customers to find the best materials recovery options in Portland to reduce waste. We strive to find the best and highest use for the materials we recover and to permanently provide alternatives to landfills.”

Recology is capable of collecting commercial food scraps, commingled commercial recycling, yard trimming for households, demo debris, mixed debris including wood, dirt, concrete and metal, carpet and carpet padding, sheet rock, and special waste, compactor waste hauling, as well as consulting, audits, education and demonstration. They can also do LEED and materials recovery reporting if your business needs it.

Recology Portland: Information on the Company
Taken from the About Us section of their website:

“With more than eighty years of experience in the recycling industry, Recology Portland (formerly AGG Recology) is known for our excellent customer service and innovative resource recovery and recycling services that meet or exceed your expectations. Recology Portland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Recology Inc. Recology is an award-winning company that provides a variety of resource recovery programs and services focused on recycling, renewal, reuse, reduction and the elimination of “waste” from the vocabulary of consumers and industry. The mission of Recology is to use less of what we have and get more from what we use in an effort to promote sustainability. Recology received the 2009 Corporate Environmental Award as the top environmental company by Waste & Recycling News. Additional information about Recology is available at”

Recology Portland Recently in the News: Headlines and Links

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