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When you order a cup of coffee at Laughing Planet, you might not think too much about it, other than, “Mmm. This is great coffee.” But the coffee we serve has a story behind it, and it’s one worth telling. So stop fidgeting. It’s story time.

The coffee we serve comes from Happy Cup Coffee here in Portland, Oregon. Happy Cup is a social enterprise venture from Full Life Arts & Recreation. This specialty roaster isn’t like other coffee roasters; they’re on a mission. Actually, they’re on three missions.

The first is to provide jobs, competitive wages, and a full life to adults with disabilities. The second mission is to create a brighter future for the disabled. The third mission is to provide our community with great-tasting coffee that we can feel good about drinking.

So, how does Happy Cup go about accomplishing these missions?

More than three-quarters of the disabled are without jobs. These are people with potential, who have a drive to contribute to their communities, feel a sense of purpose, and support themselves, just like everyone else.

Happy Cup gives them a chance to do all of the above. Their coffee is batch roasted by Oregonians with disabilities. When you taste the coffee, you’ll agree: these folks know what they’re doing.

When you buy a bag of beans from Happy Cup, 100% of the profits from your purchase go to vocational and recreational programs for disabled adults. As these People With Potential grow older, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for them to be engaged in their communities, as many programs are designed only for disabled youth. Full Life and Happy Cup aim to change that.

As a conscious consumer, you know that when you spend your money, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re casting a vote. When you purchase ethically produced products, you’re letting their producers know that you stand with them. You’re also putting businesses that eschew ethical business practices in favor of bigger profits on notice, and letting them know that you won’t support them unless they clean up their act.

Happy Cup knows that you care about the impact your purchases make. That’s why they’ve partnered with Kabum Coffee, a provider of fair-trade coffee that also happens to be some of the best coffee on the planet.

If you’d like a side of humanitarianism with your morning pick-me-up, stop by Laughing Planet, or Happy Cup’s NE Portland location. We’re sure you’ll agree that doing the right thing tastes wonderful.

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