Growing Gardens in Portland, OR

Growing Gardens: Building Organic Home Gardens in PDX

Growing Gardens, Portland, ORGROWINGGARDENS is another one of those Portland-based organizations that is working hard to make real, meaningful change in Oregon. How do they do it? Through organic gardening, no less, and moreover, through education and real community involvement. Here’s more on Growing Gardens.

Operating in Portland’s urban backyards and schools, Growing Gardens uses both education and healthy eating to cultivate a love of the planet and a sense of stewardship in youth — and quite possibly making future veggie eaters, as well. With more education for youth through their programs like Learn & Grow classes, they teach youth to cook, preserve and do even more with the food that they grow. Pretty awesome.More About Growing Gardens in Portland, OR

According to the Growing Gardens website, “We organize hundreds of volunteers to build organic, raised bed vegetable gardens in backyards, front yards, side yards and even on balconies. We support low income households for three years with seeds, plants, classes, mentors and more. Our Youth Grow after school garden clubs grow the next generation of veggie eaters and growers! Through Learn & Grow workshops and work parties, we teach gardeners all about growing, preparing and preserving healthful food while respecting the health of the environment.”

Too often, people talk about eating more healthy food, being more responsible to the environment, and things like recycling, but they forget that equally often, there are social or economical barriers preventing individuals from making their lives better through these means. So we love hearing about Growing Gardens, because they are aware of the problem, and actively seeking solutions “by making sure low income people have the resources they need to grow organic vegetables at home. Through this work, community members meet over the backyard garden, through volunteering, by attending classes, and through sharing extra produce.”

Values of Growing Gardens Organization in Portland

  • Access to healthful, culturally appropriate food is an inherent right.
  • Individuals and communities are empowered when they have the knowledge and skills to provide food.
  • All people deserve recognition and respect for their unique value.
  • Joy and fun are essential elements in any activity we host, promote, or undertake.
  • Trust, honesty, open-mindedness and accountability are core elements in all we do.
  • Quality of life is improved when we respect and honor our environment and when we promote the interconnection of all things.

History of GROWINGGARDENS in Portland, OR

Originally inspired Dan Barker’s Home Gardening Project, which was responsible for building more than 1,400 home gardens in just over ten years, concluding in 1996. From the garden building came foundation building, which supports more start-up organizations across the country. The foundation says that “Building home gardens and responding to local demand for school gardens and other organizations creating garden-based education programs” the name was changed in 1998 to GROWINGGARDENS to reflect the new, broad mission.

Learn more about GROWINGGARDENS, from Portland, Oregon, now.

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