Green Company Profile: Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers

Sustainable Coffee Company Provides Fair Wages to Coffee Growers

Sustainable Harvest: Making a Difference in the Coffee Industry

Sustainable Harvest: Making a Difference in the Coffee Industry

Sustainable Harvest is a company that imports coffee with a focus on building sustainable relationships with growers. One of the key tenets of sustainable agriculture is social responsibility–paying fair, living wages to workers that not only benefit the families they go to, but also their communities.

Sustainable Harvest seeks to do just that, having worked with over 200,000 coffee growers and paying more than $200 million to growers in Latin America and East Africa since 1997. As the Sustainable Harvest website states, the company also invests over “60 percent of operating expenses into farmer training, technology, and infrastructure that our supply chain partners — especially smallholder farmers — need to be successful.”

“Relationship Coffee”: The Guiding Principle Behind Sustainable Harvest

Sustainable Harvest: Good From Cradle to Cup

Sustainable Harvest: Good From Cradle to Cup

Direct relationships with coffee growers are the key to sustainable practices. Sustainable Harvest seeks to improve the transparency of the entire supply chain–from who is growing the coffee to who is purchasing it to who is brewing and serving it to the end-consumer. Coffee beans travel quite a distance and change hands frequently along the way. Preserving the integrity of the bean–and the integrity of the communities they pass through–are imperatives of the utmost importance to Sustainable Harvest.

Long-term, consistent relationships with growers are at the heart of what Sustainable Harvest does, providing financial security and substantial investments in training that largely go unrealized in coffee-growing regions of the world. Services include trade credit that helps farmers and cooperatives maintain and grow their operations, training that improves growing and processing techniques, traceability from source to consumer, technology and transparency.

Tasting the Difference: Economic, Social, Environmental and Palatable Benefits to Sustainably Produced Coffee

1 put of 5 pounds of certified Fair Trade organic coffee sold in North America is supplied by Sustainable Harvest’s many partners. Not only are these coffees among the most responsibly produced, they’re also some of the tastiest. Investments in farmer training have clearly paid off and, at the end of the chain, if the coffee is swill, your barista is probably to blame.

From growing in the fields to fermenting or stripping the fruit from the bean to shipping and distribution, the coffees imported by Sustainable Harvest are of extraordinarily high quality. Learn more about who they import from and distribute to at Sustainable Harvest.

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  1. Readers may also be interested that many years before Fairtrade existed, we imported almost 3 tonnes of instant coffee from Tanzania to the UK to help support manufacturing in the Third World. Last week BBC radio interviewed me about our ‘Campaign Coffee’, that helped to start the idea of ethically sourced coffee in Great Britain. The broadcast is now available on YouTube (4 minutes):

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