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The year was 1936. John Karamanos, a Greek immigrant living in Portland decided to start a dairy delivery service, to make sure his friends in the local food industry got the top-notch service they deserved, and the best dairy products the local market had to offer.

So, Sunshine Dairy was born, and they continue their founder’s initial mission to this day, providing the people of the Pacific Northwest with some of the finest quality dairy products in the area.

How does Sunshine Dairy define quality? Well for starters, all of their products, from their milk to their Greek Yogurt are free of artificial growth hormones like rBST and rBGH. Additionally, each load of dairy products they process is tested to make sure it’s free of antibiotics.

Sunshine’s commitment to quality isn’t limited only to the products they put on the market. They take a hard-line stance on environmental quality, as well. Their facilities are powered by clean wind power and methane gas (the cows make that, too).

Thanks to their Best Award-winning water conservation plan, Sunshine saves more than 9 million gallons of water per year. Their Portland delivery trucks are powered by biodiesel, and like the rest of us, they recycle cardboard and plastic.

By partnering with farmers who share their commitment to natural dairy products and environmental sustainability, Sunshine Dairy is able to provide their clients with quality dairy products from a trusted supply chain.

If you think our vibrant arts communities are among the things that makes the Pacific Northwest so special, Sunshine Dairy is right there with you. That’s why they support the Regional Arts and Culture Council’s Work for Art program in Oregon. Every time someone buys Sunshine Dairy’s sour cream or yogurt, they donate 1% of the sale price to this great program. Not only that, but they match employee donations to the program.

As you might have guessed, Laughing Planet sees Sunshine Dairy as somewhat of a kindred spirit. We love the arts. They love the arts. They know quality is of the utmost importance, and we agree. We strive for sustainability… you get the idea.

That’s why when you see “sour cream” on our menu, it’s not just any sour cream. It’s Sunshine Dairy sour cream. The next time you’re at Laughing Planet, ordering your favorite burrito, try it deluxe-style, with Sunshine Dairy sour cream and our house guacamole. You’ll love it, or we’ll eat our hats.

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