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Total Domination. Believer. Tricerahops. Otis. If these names ring a bell, then you’re probably familiar with Ninkasi Brewing Company’s handiwork. Since June of 2006, Ninkasi founders Nikos Ridge and Jamie Floyd and their crack team of brewers have been creating and distributing top quality beers from their home base in Eugene, Oregon.

Though they were operating in a market dominated by testosterone-fueled marketing, the two entrepreneurs knew they wanted their brand to represent something different. They named their nascent brewing company Ninkasi, after the Sumerian Goddess of fermentation.

Another notable point that sets Ninkasi apart is their commitment to giving something back to the community. Through their “Beer Is Love” program, they’ve made many charitable donations, giving to such causes as the Cascade AIDS Project, McKenzie River Trust, Triangle Lake Charter School, and The Girls Way of Missoula.

Ninkasi’s beers have always been well-received by the public. Since its inception, the company has expanded three times to accommodate the rising demand for their delicious IPA, double red ale, oatmeal stout, and many limited-run and seasonal brews. At present, Ninkasi has the capacity to produce 95,000 barrels of craft beer per year. Their products are distributed throughout Idaho, Alaska, Montana, California, Washington, BC, and their native Oregon.

Popping the top on a cold bottle of Total Domination is a pleasure in itself; knowing that the beer you’re enjoying was produced sustainably makes it even better. Ninkasi Brewing Company has made many improvements to their facilities, in order to make them as environmentally friendly as possible.

During peak production, their rooftop solar array supplies nearly a tenth of the necessary power. Their brewing process uses reclaimed cooling water. They purchase Water Restoration Credits from BEF to offset more than half of their total water usage. Their hops are almost wholly locally-sourced, their packaging utilizes recycled materials, and their spent grain is sold to cattle farmers. In addition, they have set a goal of making their latest facilities expansion LEED certified.

Of course, it would all be for naught if Ninkasi’s beers didn’t hold up to the tests of discriminating beer-lovers. If you’ve tried their products, you know they’re great. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

And, if you also happen to be in the mood for a delicious, nutritious burrito, stop by your nearest Laughing Planet. We often have Ninkasi’s fine beer on tap, and we think the complement our offerings quite nicely.

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