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As any conscientious carnivore knows, not all meats are created equal. Sure, you can purchase cuts of meat from big chain supermarkets, but it’s hard to know what you’re purchasing, and what your hard-earned dollars are supporting. This is especially true of the processed meats.

In order to get the best quality meats, you have to choose your sources carefully. After doing your homework, you’d probably settle on a place like Rochester, WA based Heritage Meats for your meat processing needs. What’s so special about Heritage Meats?

As the name suggests, Heritage Meats is a family tradition. Tracy Smaciarz, Heritage’s owner and head butcher inherited the business from his father, who first hung out the shingle way back in 1977.

Tracy learned at his father’s side, and it would seem that he was a diligent student. Since taking over the family business, Tracy has developed a national reputation as a master of the trade. He’s been featured in blogs, magazines, articles and books dedicated to farm-fresh culinary excellence.

With such a consummate professional at the helm, it’s no wonder that Heritage’s meats are served at some of the finest restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. But the head butcher’s command of the tools of the trade is not the only reason Heritage is special.

This artisan butchering company specializes in organic, locally grown, and sustainable meat. Their grass-fed lamb comes from Hawley Ranch in Cottage Grove, OR. Their free-range beef is sourced from Jerry Foster, a 3rd generation Washington cattle farmer. All things porcine are courtesy of Pure Country Pork of Ephrata, Washington. All of Heritage’s growers have been carefully selected for their close proximity and their commitment to the values Heritage Meats holds so dear.

Now that we’ve talked about what Heritage is all about, and how they source their meat, let’s get to the tasty part: Heritage’s finished products. Heritage Meats’ specialties include custom pepperoni, jerky, and sausage. These mouth-watering treats are all made with top-notch ingredients, and are available in more flavors than you can count, if you dropped out of kindergarten.

Our current favorite? The Chorizo Sausage. We liked it so much that we decided to include it in our new breakfast burritos. Now, you’re probably eager to get your hands on one and taste what all of the fuss is about, and we don’t blame you, but hold your horses and put your six-shooter down, reeeaaal slow-like.

They’re only available at Laughing Planet’s brand new Goose Hollow location, and in Laughing Planet’s Corvallis location. If you’ve been thinking about checking out our new place, now’s a great time.

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