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Artisan Meats From Washington State

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With the recent addition of the Jameel Bowl to Laughing Planet Cafe’s always growing lineup of weekly and seasonal bowl and burrito specials, we thought it wise to offer up some information on the quality food purveyors supplying the lamb that goes into the new bowl. So to that end, we introduce to our readers, Heritage Meats and Tracy Smaciarz, who is both the owner and the head butcher there.

Heritage Meats is one of our food suppliers that operates as a family business, much the same way as Deep Roots Farm, another of our local sources. The company has been in business since 1977, when the current owner’s father first began the operation.

According to the Heritage Meats website, “We are an artisan butchering company that specializes in organic, locally grown and sustainable meat products and services. We are a certified USDA meat processor and also a Charter Member of the Puget Sound Meat Producers Cooperative. We take pride in the work we do and value each and every one of our customers.”

More on Heritage Meats’ Owner, Tracy Smaciarz

Heritage Meats and Tracy Smaciarz: Washington state artisan meat processors and butchers who assist smaller growers and ranchers in bringing their high quality meat products to market. Smaciarz is responsible for creating Full Circle Farm, the largest CSA program in Washington State. Through this Community Supported Agriculture program, the farm and Smaciarz distribute locally grown meats and products such as:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb

to CSA membership that resides in multiple states, including Washington and Alaska. Featured in cookbooks and known for his support of and dedication to grass fed ranching techniques, Smaciarz has been featured in many articles and national publications, too.

Heritage Meats now distributes locally grown meat every week to many types of end-users, including restaurants like Laughing Planet Cafe in Portland, food co-ops, and more. Learn more about the ever-growing menu and our weekly and seasonal specials at the Laughing Planet Cafe website menu, now.

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