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If you’ve visited your friendly local Laughing Planet recently, you may have noticed that we’ve started serving Happy Mountain Kombucha on tap.

As with most of the things we do, there’s a reason behind this decision. So what’s  kombucha all about, and why have we chosen Happy Mountain as our Kombucha providers of choice?

Happy Mountain Are Our Neighbors

As you’re probably aware, we’re big fans of going local. Buying locally produced food and drinks cuts down on carbon emissions, because they don’t need to be transported halfway around the world before they end up on your dinner table.

Happy Mountain Kombucha is produced right here in Portland, Oregon, by local favorite tea company, Tea Chai Te. They’ve been blending teas and making kombucha in our fair city for more than a decade.

The name “Happy Mountain” came from a beautiful, relaxing camping trip that the owners, Angela and Dominic, took their family on. Their son Dimitri suggested the name, to honor the serenity and nature beheld from the lake where they camped.

Happy Mountain Kombucha Is Delicious

The kombucha masters at Happy Mountain know that variety is the spice of life, and they offer several delicious flavors of kombucha tea, including the delectable Coconut Oolong, the soothing Lavender White, the perfectly sweet Peach Blossom, and the bright and fruity Dragon Fruit. Once you’ve tried them all, you’ll see why we’re so excited. The only problem is choosing which one to drink.

Kombucha Is Good for You

Kombucha tea has long been used as a health elixir in China, where it was called the Tea of Immortality. We can’t vouch for its capacity to provide everlasting life, nor will we comment on its reputation as a panacea for all manner of maladies. But there is evidence to suggest that drinking kombucha tea can help boost the immune system, detoxify the gut, and boost energy. Not only that, but it’s rich in beneficial vitamins and enzymes.

Plus, it’s a much healthier substitute for sugary soft drinks. A serving of kombucha contains a tiny fraction of the sugar or caffeine in your average can of soda, and it’s twice as refreshing.

Try Happy Mountain for Yourself

We’re proud to have Happy Mountain kombucha on tap at our Belmont, PSU, and Ecotrust Laughing Planet locations, and we hope that you’ll stop by and drink one the next time you come in for your favorite burrito or bowl.

You can also find Happy Mountain’s fine products at many of your favorite local grocers, gyms, and coffee houses. Enjoy! We certainly are.

[Photo Credit: Happy Mountain]

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