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The story of Stiebrs Farms is the story of the American Dream. It all started way back in the summer of 1949, when young Jan and Zelma Stiebrs and their two small children packed up everything they could take with them, left their home in Latvia and moved across the ocean to Washington’s Tumwater Valley.

They made ends meet by taking jobs working the fields, picking strawberries and beans during harvest time. But they had bigger things in mind for their family. A few years after they first set foot on American soil, Jan and Zelma started their own business, selling farm-fresh eggs laid by their 100 hens, one doorbell at a time.

Young Jon Stiebrs went on many of those early sales calls with his father. He learned the egg business from the ground up. And as he grew, so did Steibrs Farms. Soon, the family were able to support themselves with the profits generated by their eggs.

When Jan and Zelma Stiebrs retired in 1978, their son Jon and his wife Dianna took over the family business, and have been going strong ever since. Stiebrs Farms recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. While times have certainly changed since the days when young Jon and his father Jan sold eggs door-to-door, the important things never will.

Stiebrs Farms still takes great care of their hens, letting them roam free and happy in lush, organic pastures. They still gather their AA eggs by hand, and get them from hen house to breakfast table in as little as three days.

Stiebrs Farms hens didn’t do drugs in the 1950s, and they don’t do them now, either. In addition to being free of antibiotics, hormones, and harmful drugs,  they’re fed a healthy, non-GMO, vegetarian diet, consisting of corn, wheat, barley, and soy.

If you’re looking for a trusted source of farm-fresh, top-quality eggs in the Pacific Northwest, join the Stiebrs Farms family tradition. Look for the Stiebrs Farms label at your local grocer or food co-op. They offer white and brown AA chicken eggs, jumbo eggs, duck eggs, organic chicken feed, and even free-range beef.

But before you go shopping, stop by Laughing Planet’s new Goose Hollow location and try one of our breakfast burritos. We proudly make them with Stiebrs Farms’ local, cage-free eggs, local chorizo, and plenty of other delicious, farm-fresh goodness. See you soon!

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