Sustainable Agriculture Agreement in the Far East?

Japan, China, South Korea in Talks to Promote Farm Trade

Jeju Island, South Korea

While we at home in the States have been witnessing an ever-increasing tide of support for more robust pursuits of sustainable agriculture, and we do indeed put out quite a bit of news updates on similar efforts of late in the UK, what’s the deal with the far east? Surely, among China, South Korea and Japan, there must be efforts taking place, right? Well, if this has been your thought, then you are correct.

According to a recent news item, farm ministers from three far east countries, including China, Japan and South Korea, agreed during talks (this past Sunday) to begin promoting trade in both agricultural and food products. Further, as part of this new joint promotion, all three countries will be pursuing sustainable agriculture as an element of a possible free trade framework shared by all three nations. An interesting development, to be sure…

More on Sustainable Agriculture Talks in the Far East

With the dialogue now open, the three countries also discussed mutual efforts at fighting animal- and plant-based diseases that are endemic to the region; part of this fight will involve possibly establishing and then operating a kind of center for disease control. This information was included in the statement that came out of the Sunday talks.

According to the article, “In the statement, Japanese farm minister Michihiko Kano, and his Chinese and South Korean counterparts, Han Changfu and Suh Kyu Yong, indicated they will promote trade liberalization, while paying attention to rice and other items deemed important to the respective countries.”

Noted Kano, “It will be an effective way to cope with population growth and increasing food demand in the world.”

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