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reister farms lamb

A Family Tradition

Reister Farms is a third generation family-owned farm, located in the Pacific Northwest. Originally established in 1957, in McMinville, Oregon, they now base their operations in Washougal, Washington.

While Reister Farms has raised different crops and animals over the years, they are best known for their sheep. Their breeding stock is well-known in the sheep husbandry world, and their lamb meat is highly regarded.

The Benefits of Good Breeding

Reister Farms’ breeding stock has been refined over generations. Ewes that showed strong maternal traits were kept in the breeding flock. This ensures that the young lambs have plenty of milk to drink and are well cared for by their mothers. Through selective breeding, Reister Farms lambs are bred to grow quickly and be well-muscled. This combination of excellent genetics and healthy beginnings helps place Reister lambs among the best.

Nature’s Way

Reister Farms still raises their lambs the natural way. They allow their lambs to graze in spacious pastures that are free of artificial fertilizers, instead of employing inhumane factory farming practices.  The lambs are not fed GMO food, nor are they given hormones or antibiotics.

Dry Aged to Perfection

If you’ve ever compared Reister Farms lamb to the lamb you might find at the average grocery store, you may have wondered why it tastes so much more flavorful and tender.

The answer lies in the dry aging process used by Reister Farms. Instead of simply rushing the meat to market directly after slaughter, they take their time, in order to make sure their lamb will have the best possible flavor and texture.

During the dry aging process, the meat is allowed to age in carefully controlled conditions for seven days or more. During this time, some of the water in the meat evaporates. The natural enzymes present in the meat gradually break down the connective tissue, making the meat more tender. They also process some of the meat’s protein into amino acids, the fats into fatty acids, and carbohydrates into sugars.

When this happens, the meat develops a more complex flavor profile that is more concentrated, sweeter, and more savory than meat that has not been aged.

Try It Out

Reister Farms lamb is sold at farmers’ markets and specialty stores in the Portland, Oregon area. They also count many of Portland’s favorite restaurants among their clientele. Stop by Laughing Planet for a Jameel Bowl, and you’ll see why Reister Farms lamb is spoken of so highly.

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