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If you’ve done your research on beef, you understand that it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re meat-buying dollars are supporting. As factory farming and industrial agriculture practices have become more and more common in the cattle industry, it’s become more important than ever to pay attention to where your meat is coming from.

Some cattle are raised in overcrowded inhumane conditions which are ideal breeding grounds for diseases. Because sicknesses spread so easily through populations of animals raised in these situations, it becomes necessary to use antibiotics to keep the animals alive until they can be brought to market.

The problem is, some of those antibiotics are still present in the meat when it reaches your plate. What’s the problem with that? Well, the more we ingest antibiotics, the less effective they become in fighting disease.

And because these types of farming operations are designed to maximize product output and minimize expenses, the animals are often treated with growth hormones and steroids to reduce the time it takes them to grow.

The effects of human consumption of these are still a matter of contentious debate, and we’re not here to settle that disagreement. Suffice it to say, many people are concerned about the possible side-effects of ingesting meats that have been produced using these methods, their environmental impact, and their effect on the animals’ quality of life.

At Laughing Planet, we know our customers rely on us to serve the best-quality ingredients that we can get our hands on. That’s why we serve Knee Deep Cattle Company beef at our Eugene and Corvallis locations.

What’s so special about Knee Deep Cattle Company? Let us set the scene for you.

In the lush Willamette Valley, Knee Deep’s cows graze on pastoral grasslands. They roam freely, unlike their caged cousins, and are allowed to mature naturally, without artificial hormones.

While cows might seem like they’d be big on having cereal for breakfast (they bring their own milk, after all) cereal grains are not part of their natural diet, so Knee Deep Cattle Company doesn’t feed them those. Last time we checked, cows didn’t naturally do steroids either, and the bovine residents of Knee Deep are no exception. No extra antibiotics are necessary either, as the cows are allowed to run free, instead of being forced to live in the cramped conditions through which diseases spread so easily.

While dry aging has fallen out of favor among some beef producers because it takes more time than aging the meat in a plastic bag, Knee Deep Cattle Company uses traditional dry-aging techniques. Why? Because dry-aged beef is more flavorful and tender.

Want to taste the Knee Deep Farms difference? We thought you might. Stop by our Eugene or Corvallis locations for a Braised Beef Burrito, Paleo Bowl, or Highway to Kale Salad topped with Knee Deep Cattle Company’s delicious, tender beef.

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