Nicky USA, Portland, OR

Another Valuable Partner in Sustainable Cuisine

Nicky Farms, Portland, OR

At Laughing Planet Cafe, we choose to work with a wide variety of local, sustainable, and highly conscientious partners when it comes to our suppliers and food vendors. Nicky Farms is yet one more shining example of how to run a smart business, without sacrificing the environment in the process. Today, we shine a little spotlight on them, to let our customers know more about our partners.

According to their website mission statement, “Nicky Farms is focused on bringing chefs and epicureans authentically American meats like rabbit, quail, fallow venison, Northwest elk, water buffalo, emu and bison. From a group of family-owned, sustainable farms and ranches across the Northwest come the finest offering of natural game birds and animals produced anywhere.” And how.

Ensuring the Highest of Standards: Nicky Farms

This is another one of those companies that has invested its efforts in quality over anything else. To ensure the highest of standards across the board for all of the products that leave through their doors (with their label on them), Nicky Farms maintains an uncompromising level of involvement in the process. In a nutshell, that includes:

  • Farmers’ husbandry practices
  • Packaging
  • Delivery

And beyond that, because of the concern and respect for their own partners at the ranch and farm levels, they “are able to customize [their] cuts for signature dishes or special events.” The customer service is impeccable, with Nicky establishing itself as a true partner for their clients, going so far as to offer menu planning assistance

The Nicky USA Philosophy

“Our goal is to provide the widest variety of sustainable, free range game birds & meats. In doing so, we strive to enhance the public’s culinary education & titillate their palate with exquisite game. In attempting to offer meats of such quality, we feel that we are not only helping to care for the land that sustains us, but furthermore, helping chefs & epicureans come as close to the farm as possible.”
– Geoff Latham, Owner & President

Learn more about Nicky Farms now, at their website.

[Photo via: Portlandmercury]

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